I Make Games.

And simulations, and apps, and a mean strawberry shortcake! I've got a couple things in the work at all times, and playtesters are always welcome. Drop me a line if you're interested in helping out with that important part of the creation process.

About Science.

Simply put, Science is Awesome. Yet, can you name a FUN game that taught you any science? I had a tough time answering that question, so I decided to start making interactive science stuffs myself.

Play Them.

You'll find a bunch of my projects on this site, and they are all free or nearly free to play. Got an iPhone? Play things. Got an internet? Play more things! If you like them, share them with your science-minded friends.

Welcome to TestTubeGames

Founded in 2011, TestTubeGames is an independent game studio focused on science education. The goal? Hands-on science through games and simulations.

Really, though, it's just one guy (Andy: "Hi") following his dream to make abstract physics concrete.

And draw dinosaurs.

Browse through this site to find all the games and sims I've made. Some are flash games, which can be played right in your browser. These cover topics such as relativity, gravity, and particle physics. Light fare, right? Give them a spin!

I've also got a handful of iPhone apps and games out there. Play a game about the Higgs boson, or get a fully functional Slide Rule or Sundial right on your phone. And they say you can't buy happiness.

Go take a look at the games. Or learn the latest news from TTG about upcoming projects on the blog.

Play Them.