Paris and F1B3 – FBF

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Ha, the blog post title is always a mouthful when I play a level by NealCruco!  This week I took on NC’s level, F1B3.  Really had a grand time of it — as you can see from the video below. I posted an unedited version, very different from what I normally do.  Thought I’d see how people liked the change.  Do you like popping it on in the background as you do something else, and watching each and every shockto-death?  Or are you more a highlights-reel person?



Thanks for sharing the level, NealCruco!  Twas great fun!  If you want to play the level, too, swing by the forums and grab the code.

iGamer Conference

Some cool news, next week, I’ll be showing off The Electric Shocktopus at a Science+Research+Games conference in Paris.  The website, if you can navigate it, has all the info.  Or at least some of the info.  It’s still a bit of a mystery to me.  So stay tuned to my twitter (assuming I’ve got wifi in Paris!) to track my travels and travails as I take TTG international!


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Parallel Wires and Relativity

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The latest venture here at TestTubeGames?  Videos!

Teaching through games is great – and I love it (obviously) – but in addition to that, I thought I’d make some *videos* about the *science* behind the *games*.


And since everything I do needs a title (Feel Bad Friday, Gravity Simulator Image of the Day, etc), these videos have a name, too:


TestTubeGames Explains

In my first video, learn how Magnetism can be explained just by using Electricity and Relativity.




What do you think?  Was it understandable?  Crazy confusing?  What other topics would you like to see in the future?


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The Two Sides – FBF

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This week’s Feel Bad Friday showcases The Two Sides, by A Random Player.  You can head here to watch the video.



Without spoiling much — I’ll tell you there were a whole bunch of deaths…  Big thanks to A Random Player for sharing the level!

The video also shows off some of the new graphics for the game.  After getting some great feedback from the Greenlight campaign (still ongoing), I went ahead and did an art pass of the game, and ended up liking it a lot more.  You can catch the latest trailer on the GL page.


With the art pass in place, I posted the latest update to the game (Version 0.9).  You can read all about it here, or just go download the update from Humble (always free, mind you, once you’ve bought the game!).


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Perilous Sky – FBF

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There’s a brand new feature for this week’s Feel Bad Friday.  Not only do you get to *hear* me, now you can *see* me as I play!  That’s right, we’re going full-on high tech with some picture-in-picture.

For this week’s Feel Bad Friday, I take on Perilous Sky by A Random Player.  You can check out the video on YouTube!



A big thanks to Random for sharing the level with us.  If you’d like to play the level yourself, you can grab the code for it here.

And a reminder that The Electric Shocktopus is now a candidate on Steam Greenlight. It’s free to vote and support me as I make science games like this one!


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Shocktopus on Greenlight!

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Alert, Alert… with The Electric Shocktopus nearly ready for the full release, I posted it up on Steam Greenlight!



For those of you who don’t know, Steam is a platform that a bunch of people use to buy/play PC games… and Greenlight one of their main methods of curation.  To decide whether a game should be allowed into Steam’s storefront, they let people vote.

So!  If you wouldn’t mind – a great, and free, way to support TestTubeGames today would be to pop over to Steam, make a free account if you don’t already have one, and thumbs-up The Electric Shocktopus.


I'd give it eight thumbs up, if I could!

I’d give it eight thumbs up, if I could!

Together we can help bring a hard-as-nails game about electromagnetism to the masses!


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GSim Image of the Day

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I’ve been enjoying the semi-regular Feel Bad Friday videos – so along those same lines, I’m going to be posting daily Gravity Simulator images.  My goal: each day posting screenshot or gif of some interesting/wacky/pretty astronomical phenomenon.

Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter to see them.  Here’s one to get us started:


A shell of asteroids expanding in space

A shell of asteroids expanding in space


Simple… and nothing big.  But there is some neat stuff to be made here, and this will encourage me to keep playing around with the simulator.  And when the time comes that I can do an update to it, I’ll have a *whole* bunch more ideas since I’ve been dabbling the whole time.


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Shocktopus is Arriving

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With Shocktopus now in Version 0.8,  safely on his way to a full-release at Version 1.0… it’s time to start rolling out the red carpet for the game!

So, for starters, here is the new trailer:



Whaaa?  That’s right.  Shocking.

Even more Ink-redible…

Browser Version

The Electric Shocktopus now exists not only as a downloadable game for your Mac/PC/Linux device, but now can be played for free in your browser.  Play through the first 15 levels, encounter point charges and magnetic fields, and make and share your own levels with the Level Editor.




The browser version of the game is brand-spanking new, so go push it through its paces.  If you manage to break it, tell me!  If you make a rad level with it, tell me that, too!



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Through the Path

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Happy Thanksgiving!  In this week’s Feel Bad Friday, I celebrate by taking on an extremely Feel-Bad level!  I present Through the Path by A Random Player.



I have no words.  They are all contained in the video.  It’s… I… my mind is melted.

Thank you for sharing, Random!  And to everyone else, remember you can grab the game here to try this level yourself, or make some levels right in your browser with the new prototype.  (And don’t worry… I enjoy easier levels, too!)


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Grid World

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Ever wondered what I’m working on any given day?  Track what I’m up to in the new Calendar.  TestTubeGames can be a bit of a black box, with a lot of different projects going on in parallel.  Sometimes you might not even know I’m working on an update until it’s out!  So for those of you who are interested, feel free to check it out.

Speaking of, lately I’ve been working on The Electric Shocktopus, and making (a lite version of) the game work in the browser — play the prototype here.  That led to some updates for the full game, so keep your eyes peeled for version 0.8 for Mac/PC.


You can see me using this latest version as I take on this week’s Feel Bad Friday: Grid World by A Random Player. Click on the grid-y world below to watch me try to beat it.



Another really inventive level.  I’m constantly amazed at the fun (if difficult!) challenges that you all are making.  Thanks to A Random Player for sharing!  And if you’ve been meaning to make a level, and challenge me to play it, the web build of TES gives you this very chance!


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Shocktopus 0.7 & 0D11

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The latest update for The Electric Shocktopus is here.  The game is faster, more accurate, and smoother.  So don’t delay, grab 0.7 today.

Some of the new features include:

  • Quicker and more accurate Electric Field calculations
  • A Voltmeter or Electric Field Meter you can use to measure the fields (SCIENCE!)
  • 20% more rad-ness.

If you want to read all about the update, you can see what I posted about it in the forums.

And a Feel Bad Friday?

I’d been holding off doing a FBF for the past few weeks as I’d been working on this update.  Priority #1 became fixing the electric fields, after all.  But now that that’s done… I just tackled a new FBF level: 0D11 by NealCruco.  Give it a watch.



Big thanks to NealCruco for making and sharing this level!

In the video, in addition to beating / failing at the level, I show off some of the new features in the game.  So give it a look, and see all the new things you can do!


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