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Some neat news this week from TestTubeGames — we’ve got a brand new forum!

Last week I’d mentioned that this might well be in-the-works.  It turns out it is extremely easy to add forums to a website nowadays.  Frankly, how could I *not* add it?  And just like that, with just a few clicks, the forum is now a reality.


Aww, Velocity Raptor is lonely

Whoa, it looks like a *real* forum!


The forum is setup to have individual sections for each of the games — for feedback, tips, questions on that particular game.  Come share that neat Gravity level you made, challenge others to solve your level in Agent Higgs, or find out more about the nuts and bolts of Velocity Raptor’s relativity simulation.

There’s also a section of the forum to discuss *other* science games (non TTG, that is).  I’m always interested in finding new, neat science games.  So post your favorites.

Finally, of course, there’s a General Chat forum for everything else.  Say ‘hello,’ chat about some random science topic, or give feedback that doesn’t fit elsewhere (“The TestTube should definitely point left instead of right…”)

It’s only been up for a couple days, but we’ve already got plenty of discussions going.  For instance, ARP noticed something very neat about the stability of orbits… and also made a very challenging and complex level in Agent Higgs.  There’s a growing list of science games that we enjoy, so take a look there, too!

The forums are definitely in a beta mode — at least in the not-sure-what-they’ll-look-like-in-a-month way.  So come on by, join in the discussions on science and games, and together we’ll see where this goes.


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