Agent Higgs: Chapter 2

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This just in!  The second installment of the Agent Higgs flash series is on its way.  Keep your eyes peeled for Agent Higgs: Chapter 2, you’ll find it on this site *tomorrow*!


Higgs Spotted!

Extra, Extra!


Just as Chapter 1 took some levels from the first section of Agent Higgs (the iPhone version) and put them into a flash game, this one will include the second set of levels.  The topic: Neutrinos.  Get ready to deal with three generations of matter, antimatter, and a bit of neutrino oscillation.

I’ve made plenty of modifications along the way.  One big thing this game includes is a nice Level Editor system.  It is easy to use, and as importantly, easy to share levels with other people.


Higgs Unknown

Find him!  Also, Frank, check out this cool level I made…


The game will, as usual, be free and easy to play online.  And why now?  Well, I’d been meaning to release it, and with the influx of visitors on this site in the past few weeks, I figured that Higgs needed a bit more of a web presence.  Namely, he’s well developed in the iPhone app, but his flash incarnation has remained fairly sparse.  So I spent a couple weeks bringing Chapter 2 to life.

Now off to make the proverbial last-minute changes…



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