Agent Higgs Shared Levels

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First, a quick apology for the late ‘Wednesday Update’ this week.  I’m actually traveling around the country for a couple weeks, so I spent the past week or so feverishly tying up some loose ends of projects.  And all that time I spent *not* writing blog posts was spent making new content for you all.  So I’ve got a few new things up my sleeve in the upcoming weeks.  One of those being…


Agent Higgs Shared Levels

The flash version of Agent Higgs has had a level editor for a while now.  It’s pretty straightforward to use and make whatever levels you can think of.  In fact, you can find an ever-increasing list of cool levels in the forums.

But they are no longer just in the forums!  Player-generated levels are now attached right to the game.  It’s still a system in beta mode, with room for improvement, but if you scroll over to the far right in the menus, you’ll find a playable list of user-creations.  Play them.  Rate them.  Get a new ‘best’ score.  And, if you’re so inclined, make some yourself!


Perfect is 1 move?  I can beat that...

Perfect is 1 move? I can beat that…


The reason I added this in?  Well, I got curious to see if there was an easier way to share levels.  I had the level editor there, but to play someone else’s level, you needed to copy and paste a level code from them.  Not terribly smooth.  And with the Electric Shocktopus having a level editor, too, I figured the time was right to test out a ‘better’ method.

The shared levels just appear in Chapter 1 for now, but there’s nothing to stop me from adding them into Chapter 2, as well.  And, who knows, maybe the same system can be put in place if I ever do make that Velocity Raptor level editor…


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