Andy vs. 4A4C

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I’m back this week with Episode 2 of Feel Bad Friday – where I celebrate the end of the week by beating (or utterly failing at) a level that a player has made in The Electric Shocktopus. As the game’s creator, I figure this should be a piece of cake, right? This week’s episode: 4A4C by NealCruco. And it is a tough one.

See how I do with Danger! Death! and Tentacles! Will I throw my tea against the wall in frustration? Find out this week on Feel Bad Friday.

Click on the image below or follow this link to YouTube.


What does “4A4C” mean? The world may never know…


If you want to learn more about this level, see what NealCruco had to say about it in the forums.

It looks like I’ll have no shortage of tough levels for future weeks. NealCruco and A Random Player (from Episode 1) have been hard at work making tough levels for me. And I recently created a level-converter — which will let us play levels that people made in the old flash version of the game.

If you’ve got a level you’d like to share with everyone (and possibly get me to play it), stop by the TestTubeGames forums and share it with us!


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