Andy vs. Meadowy

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Slow week over here at TestTubeGames headquarters — I’ve been stuck in bed getting over a nasty cold.  But if there’s one thing that’ll snap me out of this… it’s a Feel Bad Friday.

This week I’m reaching deep into the history banks of the forums… all the way back to December 2013.  Back then, Shocktopus was heavily in development, Estonia’s Minister of Culture resigned, and Bond Breaker was still in the distant future.  Ah, good times.  Well, thanks to a little level converter we now have, we’re able to go back and play some of those old levels in the *new* version of Shocktopus.

Which means a whole bunch more levels to play!

This episode I take on exfret’s dastardly level Meadowy.  In introducing the level, he calls it “nice, simple level.”  Just, keep that in mind as you watch me play.  A nice.  Simple.  Level.  The level code is posted for the world to see, so feel free to give the level a try yourself.



Thanks to exfret for sharing this level way back when.  Now when it comes to making levels, exfret is kinda a big deal.  You can find plenty more Shocktopus levels by him in the forum, or if you’ll recall… he made a whole story arc for Velocity Raptor.  The See-All Seal.  Impressive stuff, I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already.


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