Bond Breaker!

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I’ve been working on a brand new game over here, and up to this point I’ve been pretty hush-hush about it.  (Mainly because there have been so many other things to talk about!)  But get ready for: Bond Breaker.

Neat factoid: this is a game that I’m making for a physics research group out at UC Irvine. They’re called CaSTL (Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit), and their research is on manipulating and breaking individual molecular bonds.  Basically, they use lasers and scanning tunneling microscopes to blast apart molecules.

So boring!  How could that possibly be a game?

Oh, wait, it’s the perfect material for a game.


Aaah!  So much perspective!

Aaah! So much perspective!


You are a proton navigating a world of puzzles and spikes.  In order to get to the goal, though, you’ll need to use some atomic and molecular physics.  You’ll pick up electrons from the tunneling microscope.  You’ll bond with other protons to form H2.  You can even zap in some laser light to excite some electrons.

As always, the physics in the game aims to accurately represent the real stuff.  (Note: yes, that means that protons are really blue, with white outlines)


Which way, which way...

Which way, which way…


The game is still very much a work-in-progress, though I have posted the current (alpha?) version online already.  If you’d like to check it out and give some early feedback, swing by the forums to join the discussion.



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  1. By Robly18

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    Well don’t that beat all! Can’t wait!

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