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The Electric Shocktopus is marching ever-forward.  And just recently, I added a big piece to the game: the music!

In the past, I’ve sourced my music either from free places — or made my own.  Occasionally I bought some pre-made tracks.  But not this time!  For a game like ~~The Electric Shocktopus~~, I needed something bigger.  Something better.  Something, dare I say, awesome.

So I went to Brian Allan Holmes, a video game composer.  He’s done some great game music in the past.  In fact, he’s the guy that made my favorite flash game music ever — for Burrito Bison.  Years after playing the game, I can still hum the tune.  I’ve never experienced that with a browser game before or since.  Take a listen to some of the Brian’s music for Burrito Bison:


[bandcamp width=450 height=570 album=2410692867 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 notracklist=true]


I told him about Electric Shocktopus, and he set to work making some original tracks to fit the tone and style of the game.  If you’ve played the prototype so far, you may have heard some early versions of these tracks.  It’s epic, rock-y, beach-y, and great to listen to!  I’m delighted with the tracks — and it makes working on the game a whole bunch more fun with the Shocktopus music playing through my headphones.


Rock out, Shocktopus!

Rock out, Shocktopus!



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