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With a blog post title that looks entirely cryptic, this week I tackle a level by NealCruco: B4C5.  (You mean C4? Yuk yuk.)

The name, I’ll remind my intrepid blog-readers, is a hexadecimal representation of the randomly generated title of the level.  (Got that?)  It’s a fun little naming system that’s become one of those reassuring things in my life… like the sun rising in the East.

…and the first bit o’ jargon up there stands for Feel Bad Friday, of course, where I weekly make an attempt to finish a user-generated level.  (And I do mean weakly.  Hey, o!)

I’ll plop the video down right here for you all:



Wow, that’s a whole lot to parse! (This coming from the guy who wrote the level parser.)  According to NealCruco, this level started out as a bit of a playground before being converted into an actual level.  I can understand that — since it has some really nice symmetry — with horizontal and diagonal currents making 8 zones of magnetic fields.  I imagine this type of set-up must have a real world application.  Probably?  But who cares!  I’m going to cast myself into those spikes a few dozen times (or more!).

I’m a big fan of symmetry, NC, so well done with this level.  It’s neat how you were able to get the 8 little vignettes to interact with one another — and do so in interesting, non/trivial ways.  This must have taken a whole lot of work, so thank you for sharing it with us!


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