FBF: Letter Writer

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I’ve been back at work on the next update to The Electric Shocktopus — spurred on in no small part by my failure during last week’s Feel Bad Friday.  Fixes all around, from lag to bugs to easier controls.  (Hopefully some fixes to the controls that will make it *easier* to beat some of these FBF levels!)

In this week’s video, I show off one of the new additions to the game: a file-system for the saved games.  Up to now, you’ve had to share and load individual codes into the game – but an easier way to share a whole bunch of user-made levels, say, would be to share a whole folder of text files.  And I’m adding just that to the game – so take a look in the video for a tour of that feature.

I also take on a level by A Random Player, who makes a level that surprised the heck out of me.  Called ‘Letter Writer’, it took until *after* I had filmed the whole FBF to understand the meaning of that title.  So make sure you watch to the end of the video to catch my epilogue, where I dissect the true core of the Letter-Writing mechanic.



You can check out the level in Random’s original post here.  Or just enjoy watching everything unfold in the video.  A big thanks to Random for another crazy-creative level.

I’ll also note that NealCruco made a modification to last week’s FBF level (B4C5), which makes it harder to exploit the level. So take a peek at the new version, and with any luck I’ll finally be able to beat the level.  Now that it’s harder.  Hey, hope springs eternal, right?


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