FBF: Through the Spikes and Charges

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I’m getting near to releasing the next update to The Electric Shocktopus (version 0.6).  You can follow along here to see the latest bug-fixes as I finish them.  I was hoping to release it today, but I’ve run into an electrical conundrum, which will take some thinking to get around… and will be well-deserving of its own blog post.

But of course, what we’re here for is a Feel Bad Friday!

This week I take on Through the Spikes and Charges by A Random Player.  (Who is, for all of you following along at home, *prolific* when it comes to making levels.)

Random made this level a few months back, which actually means it is pretty straightforward (by Random’s standards).  No puzzles-within-puzzles or turing-machines here.  Just some good ol’ fashioned electrostatics.  Check it out!



Thank you, Random, for sharing this level with us!  (Spoiler alert — I didn’t die over 100 times… so I’m keeping my blood pressure nice and low this week.  Much appreciated!)  If you want to check out the level yourself, you can go grab the code here.



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