Feel Bad Friday – Episode 1

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With The Electric Shocktopus version 0.4 just released (grab it here), I’ve decided to celebrate by playing through Crate Path – a level created by A Random Player in the TTG forums.  You can watch below, or follow this link to see it on YouTube.





As you can see, User-Made levels are often *HARD* levels.  And who should be able to beat those levels if not *me*, the guy who made the game?  I have a whole lot of fun playing through levels that players have made — it’s great to be surprised and challenged by my game — so I’m going to try to regularly post these videos of me trying (and often failing) to beat user levels.

Have one that you want me to play?  Post it in the TestTubeGames forums!  Or just go there and try your hand at some levels that players have made.  And if you haven’t gotten The Electric Shocktopus yet, you know what to do… (still in Beta, but getting better all the time, so… go for it!)


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