Gravity Simulator Updates

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The gravity simulator has been undergoing a steady string of updates since I released the new version last month.  And I’ve been slowly but surely checking things off the to-do list.


Name that force law!

Name that force law!


The Latest Additions:

  • -Set the orbit trails to the length you want, they aren’t always infinite, now
  • -Snap the planets to the grid, for some easy symmetry
  • -You can now fling the ‘fixed’ stars… they still won’t be affected by gravity
  • -Edit planets on the move — change their mass, speed, position…
  • -Set the density of an object to whatever you like
  • -Pick whatever force law you like.  The force goes as tan(r)?  Sure!  Or maybe r^ln(pi*r)?  Uh, that’s fine too!
  • A bunch more… naturally.  Check out the forums to learn more!






Also, keep your eyes peeled for some YouTube videos of the simulator in action.  But hey, why not just go grab the simulator, yourself?  Get playing today!


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