Higgs Eve

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As everyone knows (at least everyone who might stumble across this site), tomorrow is the day that CERN makes a major announcement about the Higgs boson. Seems we may have a discovery on our hands!

Is this the end for our hero?

Will he finally be found?

And this of course begs two big questions:

1) If the Higgs boson is discovered, what does that mean for physics? Sure, it exists as expected, and sure, it is nice to confirm that we’re reasoning the right way. But physics needs to keep going forward, for we know there are things we don’t yet get. Will we get any hints towards ‘new’ physics, or will we still be in the dark about where to go next?

2)What will happen to Agent Higgs? The players have been doing their best to keep Higgs hidden from the scientists. So what will happen if he is found once and for all? An interesting question to ponder… especially for the guy who made the game!

All in all, it is an exciting time in physics (and an exciting time to be the guy who made a Higgs game). Check below for my ever-expanding list of news articles about Agent Higgs, and thank you to everyone who is helping out in spreading the word. The feedback and encouragement really keep me motivated to keep working on Higgs, and to start on my next project. (Hint, its topic rhymes with Squantum Mechanics…)


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