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The fixed version of Agent Higgs is out (and has been for over a week, now). If you are still having trouble, update to the latest version and all your woes should be gone. Yes, all of them.

For your troubles, though, you will notice the latest addition to Agent Higgs: a Level Editor. Right there on the menu screen, next to ‘Subatomic’, ‘Neutrinos’, etc, there is a new category where you can make your own levels. (It is all the way to the LEFT.)

The editor is just a beta version, but it works. By touching the screen, you can place particles on a level, then you can go play that very same level. There are forty slots to fill, and the game will even remember you best score on any given level. Can you find the perfect score even when no definite perfect score exists? Whoa.

The level editor is unlocked once you reach the Higgs stage (when you’ve beaten the charged levels). If you make a particularly cool level, send it along to me. I’d be happy to check your supposed perfect score, and perhaps even add the level to the game.

Happy building!


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