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At Boston FIG — one piece of Shocktopus swag stood out above all others.  People asked “hey, can I get one?”  They took pictures.  It drew them into the game.

I’m talking of course about the crocheted Shocktopus.  And no, you can’t get one.  (My Mom made it, and it’s all mine!)  BUT — I am printing off some more Shocktopus T-Shirts.  Nice, soft black T-Shirts with your favorite charged Cephalopod plastered right on front.


Man, I love that band!

Man, I love that band!


This shirt is an international sensation.  Literally.  I’ve had strangers chuckle at it, a family in Germany stop me on the street about it, and have even been invited backstage at a Led Zeppelin concert because of it.  (Erm, not that last one.)  And now is your chance to get your very own piece of history.

On a more down-to-earth note — I’m going to be printing up a couple dozen of these shirts.  Some for family (shh, don’t tell them), and some for anyone who’d like one.  Before I go an print the shirts, it’d be helpful to know what sizes we’d need.  So if you’d like one, shoot me an email with the size you’d like to ‘pre-order’ it (standard unisex t-shirt sizes apply).  Just to make sure I don’t print two dozen larges when everyone wants smalls.  Once they’re printed, they’ll be available online.

I’m still working out the details with the printer to get a handle on what they’ll cost — but I’ll be keeping them pretty cheap.  Between 16 and 18 bucks.  They are comfy, stylish, appropriately nerdy, and make great gifts for the holidays!


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