Revenge of the Neutrinos

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I just uploaded Agent Higgs: Chapter 2!  And yes, it is subtitled Revenge of the Neutrinos.  Click on the picture below to give it a play.


Revenge of the Neutrinos

He’s right behind you! Argh, that sigma is helpless.


This is the continuation of Chapter 1, of course, and it includes a new set of levels.  Modeled after the ‘Neutrinos’ section of the iPhone game, this game also includes a level editor.  As always, if you make cool levels, I’d love to know.  Here’s the rundown…


Agent Higgs is on the run, again. The problem is — physicists now *know* he exists! After the discovery of the Higgs boson last summer, our Agent is going to have to hide better than ever. And he needs help, which is why he is turning to the Neutrinos. These ghost-like particles are the masters of hiding, being very difficult to detect. But will their help be enough to save Higgs this time?

In Chapter 2, Higgs must use all the neutrinos (and antineutrinos) to solve increasingly challenging puzzles. There are three different types of neutrinos, but they’ve been known to spontaneously change, so beware! Can you outwit the scientists *again* and hide Agent Higgs?


For those of you who don’t own an iPhone, here is your chance to play through some more levels with different physics.  And for those of you who already own the App, try out the Level Editor of this new game.  Easy to use, and easy to share levels with your friends.  If you ever get in a dispute about what a level’s true ‘perfect’ is, I may be able to plug it into the EPAHPS (a.k.a. Ethan’s Patented Agent Higgs Perfect Solver) to settle it for you.

Enjoy the game, and if you find any bugs/problems/suggestions/gold doubloons, feel free to email them my way.



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