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Looking back at my blog posts, I see it’s been a while since I devoted a post to Shocktopus developments.  What with festivals, slide rules, and velocity raptor levels, there’s been a lot going on!  Let’s take a look at where things are in the game…

Where it’s at:

The game is hovering somewhere around ‘Beta’ at this point, whatever that means.  There are going to be 45 levels in the game — and for the Boston FIG festival, I was showing off the first 30. I’ve been rearranging the game and adding levels these past few weeks, and now we’re just about at 45.  In fact, yesterday I was working on the final level, which is a boss battle.  I realized that with this high-octane game needed to end with a bang and not a fizzle.  So it’ll be you against the Magnetic Yeti to end the game.

I’m also nearly done adding in the ‘extras’ to the game, like instructions screens, pop-up hints, the about page, etc.

So at this point, it’s really coming down to polishing.  Making sure there aren’t any bugs, the game flows smoothly, and things look great.


Speaking of how things look, it’s been a while since I released any screenshots of the game.  Here’s a few to tease your palate:


Aaah, a lightning bolt!

Aaah, a lightning bolt!


Level 2: Van der Waal Jumping

Level 2: Van der Waal Jumping


What a romantic setting.  The sun setting over the water, stars all around, and missiles aiming right for you.

What a romantic setting. The sun setting over the water, stars all around, and missiles aiming right for you.


So when will it be done?

I ask myself that question every day!  My plan is to have the game finalized by the end of the month… and after that find a sponsor for it.  So, I’m afraid there’s no official release date yet, but it’s coming along.



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  1. By Mak

    Posted October 3, 2013 at 4:56 pm | Permalink

    | high-octane game

    Niiiiiiice. Love it.

    Enlightening article. It’s cool to get an inside look on watt you’re working on.

    Level 22 is brilliant, btw. Though it put up a lot of resistance, I took charge and eventually beat it. It is always a delight to conduct play-tests of your games.

    I’m ecstatic to see the final version, and I’m totally amped to play it! How much do you think you’ll charge?

    Seriously, though, I play this game for the plot. And the puns. Great game!

    • By TestTubeGames

      Posted October 4, 2013 at 2:10 pm | Permalink

      Wire you making all these puns? Have you been inducted into a pun-makers-association? Did they volt you in as president of the club?

      Well, fear not, you’ll find a have a high capacitance for these jokes — maybe they’ll spark new ideas that’ll find a Ohm in the game. Gotta stay current, you know.

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