Shocktopus Pre-alpha

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Guard your sensitive electronics, because the Electric Shocktopus is in his way.  And he looks determined.  In fact, I’m getting ready to upload a pre-alpha of the game just so he stops terrorizing my hard drive.  It is just a dozen levels or so, mind you, and everything is still very rough. But it is a game nonetheless!


It feels great though to finally have a sensible level-progression, instead of just random ‘demo’ levels.  And it feels good to replace blank screens with actual drawings.


Shocktopus Main Screen

You wouldn’t like me when I’m zappy…


But what good is a prototype without people to play it?  I’ll be on the lookout for some playtesters over the next couple days.  If you’ve liked my previous games want to take part in making the next one better, shoot me an email to let me know.  (If you didn’t like my previous games, that’d be great too!  …but why are you here?)  I’ll be uploading the first Pre-Alpha of the game soon, and YOU, yes YOU could give it a try.



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