Shocktopus Shirts!

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Just in time for the holidays: The shirts are in!  I’ve been working with Campus Customs to get the shirts printed, and they launched the web store for the shirts today.  Take a peek.  Or buy a bunch.  Whatever.


Look at that shirt!

Looks a bit like this!  But on your body instead of on a computer screen.  Cause that’s how shirts work


Here’s some feedback from some totally real customers:

“I love this band!” – Jim Zudkee

“This is the best shirt that I own!  And the second best pair of pants.” -Frank McFrankerson

“I walk into a room and people fall silent.  I think it’s the shirt” -Man with Over-Sized Hat

“I will CRUSH the Electric Shocktopus” -Magnetic Yeti


Man, I love that band!

It’s like he’s staring into your SOUL


Wow!  Those are some ringing endorsements!  And now, while supplies last, you can get your tentacles on a shirt for just $18.

Get one for yourself.  Get ’em for friends.  Guaranteed to make you the coolest squid on the block.


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