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As the Electric Shocktopus whirrs ever further along — I thought I’d take a moment to point out what I think is one of the coolest parts of the game.  The sound.

Now, previously, I’d posted about the music for the game, done by Brian Allen Holmes.  He did an amazing job making a beach-y, exciting, upbeat soundtrack.  You can read about that here.

What I haven’t posted about yet is the fact that I’ve also got someone helping me with the sound effects.  In the past, I’ve just gone and downloaded royalty-free soundtracks… getting a handful of them, and then calling it a day.  But for the Electric Shocktopus, I was approached by Kevin Notar, a rad sound designer here in the Boston area.  He put together a really neat collection of sounds that make the game really come alive.

Now, it’s hard to describe sounds… so instead let me point you to a little trailer I made for the game.  (Never mind its spartan nature… this isn’t actually so much a trailer as just a feature of some gameplay.)  *BUT* pay particular attention to the music and the sound effects.



Pretty neat stuff.

Also, don’t forget: Shocktopus Shirts are in stock!  Here’s me looking awesome and grainy in my shirt:




That’s right, you too could be so cool.



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