The Bonds that Break Us

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Bond Breaker is coming soon to a device near you!  It’ll be the first new release by TestTubeGames since the Ultimate Pulsar Simulator, so hold on to your butts.

This is a game that I’ve been working on with the CaSTL research group at UC Irvine — which stands for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit, so you know it’ll be good.  And to boot, the game is packed with Real Physics*.  They do research with lasers and tunneling microscopes, grabbing single molecules, and breaking apart and breaking single bonds.  So like doing Chemistry… but instead of using a beaker, you grab an individual molecule and bend it to your will.

The game itself is based on the forces you’d experience at the atomic scale.  It’s a puzzle game where you, as a proton, are moving around the nano-world.  Atoms drift into one another, and if they get close enough, they’ll form molecules.  You can excite the electrons, create ions, fuse into helium, fire lasers, and more.


Ever been a proton before? Oh, you've been *many* protons, you say?

Ever been a proton before? Oh, you’ve been *many* protons, you say?


There’s a whole bunch of physics going on, as you can tell from the list of levels:


Muons *and* Van der Waals forces? Nonstop excitement, right there.

Muons *and* Van der Waals forces? Nonstop excitement, right there.


The game itself will be coming out on web/iOS/Android for absolutely free, and soon, at that.  We’ve got it slated for release in late August, though stay tuned for the details.  Wanna know more?  Join the conversation (or even help by playtesting the game) here.


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