VR is a Finalist!

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As you may notice from the tasteful and discrete button above, Velocity Raptor is a finalist in an NSF competition! Specifically the ‘International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.’ A mouthful! (SciVis for short).

And before reading any further (and wandering off into the bushes or some such thing), click the button and go VOTE for Velocity Raptor.

Basically, this looks for great science visualizations. There are categories for photos, videos, etc. One of the five categories is ‘Games and Apps.’ Thanks to the eagle eyes of a friend who noticed this competition going on (my head was off somewhere else, daydreaming about quantum mechanics games, most likely), I submitted. I just heard today that Velocity Raptor is one of the Top 10 finalists in the games category. Yay!

At this point, some judges will take a look at the games and rate them through some magical and mystical process. In fact, I encourage you to do the same. The list of finalists are posted, and many of the games are free/easy to get. So if you like science games (one of the two big reasons to be on my site in the first place), go here to check out some cool ones.

The other big reason you may be on my site is because you know/like/tolerate me… in which case, do me a favor and VOTE for my game. That’s right, in addition to the judges, there is a People’s Choice award that goes out. Voting runs until November 8th. It’s free and easy to do, so go vote for Velocity Raptor!


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