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Forum Developments

For those of you who haven’t been following along (and why not?), the forum is doing swell.  After it was unveiled last week, it has been a hotbed of science game chat.  So come by, introduce yourself, play some neat, new Agent Higgs levels, and read a discussion about the evolution simulator.


Shocktopus Updates

As always a big thanks to my playtesters.  Their help with the (many) versions of Shocktopus have been invaluable.  This week, I’ve been using the latest round of feedback to fix up the game.  So I’m taking out levels that are only ‘fine’, leaving in ‘awesome’ levels, and trying to improve ‘good’ levels.

The level design is a huge part of what’s left in the game — but certainly not the only part.  I’m in the process of getting music, adding (good) instructions, putting in flammable scenery, and introducing the plot.  Oh, and as for the plot, this image should pretty well set up our conflict:


Yeti Smash

Hey, man, Shocktopus spent hours building that thing!


What is that new thing we see in Shocktopus’s hands?  Ah, his trusty Electric Guitar, of course.  I mean, what other instrument could he play?  Though, when he plays, I’d back up if I were you.  Remember what I mentioned earlier about ‘flammable scenery’?


Struck a Chord

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Especially if you’re a coconut.”


That’s right, when the Shocktopus charges himself, there are some side effects.  Not that *he* cares.  As the old saying goes: ‘you can’t exact revenge upon the Magnetic Yeti without burning a few trees.’


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