Bond Breaker 2.0

Dive back into the nanoscale world in Bond Breaker 2.0 - where you need to manipulate protons, molecules, laser light, and more to solve challenging levels. Push and pull atoms around, combine them, split them, all while avoiding obstacles. Built as a collaboration between scientists at the CaSTL research center and TestTubeGames, the game brings the joys and frustrations of physical chemistry to players of all ages. The game is out on iPhone, Android, and, of course, here on the web.

This isn’t just simple stuff, either! Based on an accurate simulation of atomic physics, you might:

  • Combine atoms into molecules
  • ...or break them apart
  • Use lasers to boost electrons
  • Heat molecules up to get them vibrating
  • Use a muon to create fusion
  • Run from a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  • Push H2O around, overcoming its Hydrogen bonds
  • ...and way more

Want to know more about the Science?

Follow the links to ‘learn more’ in the game, or go here to check out some deeper explanations of what’s going on in the game.


Version 2.0 (March 3, 2016)

Added a whole bunch of new levels and mechanics, including:

  • New, separate 'basic level' and 'challenge level' tracks
  • Oxygen atoms
  • Quantized heat mechanics
  • Polar molecules and Microwaves
  • Moving STMs
  • ...and way more. Basically a whole lot.


Questions? Comments? Bug reports? Stumped on a level? Send an email to ‘andy’ who is at ‘’!


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