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A game made with the scientists at the CaSTL research center
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Re: Player-Made Levels

Postby A Random Player » Fri Dec 05, 2014 6:19 pm

NealCruco wrote:I present...466C. Be warned, it's quite difficult. However, I made sure each section of the level was beatable before designing the next. (As a result, I restarted the first half about 20 times. Then when I realized I felt like ragequitting...I toned it down just a bit.) And before calling it finished, I made myself go through the level completely. So no matter what section you're in, there is a solution.

I felt this was relatively easy, but probably because I've played this game too much.
How I beat it:
Spoiler: show
1. Open gate at the right time (after a wave has hit the wall). The phase of the spikes don't matter that much, though it may be a bit hard in some cases.
2. Go down. (a bit - only until you don't touch the spikes)
3. Get past the atom when the spikes to the right are hidden.
4. Get a muon. Bond to the H+, and get another one. (Do not involve any electrons in this)
5. Win!

I didn't need
Spoiler: show
to go through the area to the right though. Was this intentional?


Here's Path, a level from somewhere around October:

Code: Select all

[Bond Breaker: 0v3g313k381q3g3i3f3k393g0w1d0w3i3937383k333c39333b0w3k3f0w383f3c340o0w343f3n3e0w3d3f3l3j351q1h181h1o181o181h1l181h1h1g3w06041j181m181g1w0j081h1g1i1g1j1g1g1g1j2w0c04161j161j1g1w010w0g0w03031g1h1h1g1w0d6w0001021j1k1h6w030h2w152w132w090w0v071j1j1g1g1j1h1h1j0w2d022u1g1g0w0h021g1h1h4w3i001o2w3p03181j1m18]

The protip is quite helpful, especially on levels like Glitch, Fight the Masses, and even Muon Dodgy. I use it for almost all the levels, actually.
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Re: Player-Made Levels

Postby NealCruco » Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:36 pm

Well, you found another shortcut, Random! I made those spikes near the lone proton move because I thought the level might be too hard otherwise. I forgot that doing so left you an easy back door. So...that's why you found it easy. Try it now- I've closed that loophole and updated the link. I also made some refinements. (You know that stationary atom above the muon cannon? Well, that empty block to its right was an artifact of a previous design. So one of the things I did was remove it.)
P.S. Could you remove the link from your quote? I'd like to make the old version as inaccessible as possible.
Edit: Tried out Path. Nice level. Not too hard.
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Re: Player-Made Levels

Postby Pavva » Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:10 pm

testtubegames wrote:Molepush was neat - taught me the importance of planning ahead, since the first time I messed it all up! Were the nanospheres there for any reason? I didn't see any lasers in the level.

Black hole was missing a star. Was that on purpose? I *am* glad I fixed one of the common bugs in the game - where molecules would pick up 4, 5, 6... etc electrons. Eventually they'd get really buggy -- but it only was a problem when the molecules were confined and couldn't split apart. Not a problem in the official game, since I just never made a level where that could happen. But now that there's a level editor... had to fix it. (Solution? Limit to 3 electrons, easy!)

Poolest Level - WHAAAA, I swear I tried that method a bajillion times. But the moment I read the spoiler, I was able to solve the level. Weird how a bit of confidence in a method can make all the difference, I guess. Whew, that feels good. Thanks, Random!

A level of my own: Zig-Zag

Code: Select all

[Bond Breaker: 0v3q39373q31371q1q1h181h1o181k1h3a1h181h1h181g1h1h1g1h1g3a1h1h1h3a081h181k183a1h2u1h1h0w0g041g3a1h3a1g0w030w05011h1g2w12031g1g3a1g1w031w05081g1h1h1g181h1l181h6w060600161w0f011j180w0m2w0w0a1i181h1h1i1h1h1h1g1g1g0w0o081k181h1g1g1h181m180w3i011h1g0w2l03181k1g18]

A version of my own "Zigzag" with less of a need to zig and zag:

Code: Select all

[Bond Breaker: 0v3q39373q31371q1q1q1h181h1o181k1h3a1h181h1h181g1h1h1g1h1g3a1h1h1h093a1h181k183a1h2u1h1h0w0g041g3a1h3a1g0w030w05011h1g2w12031g1g3a1g1w031w05091g1h161g181h1l181h371w07001k6w01070816161h1g181h1j181h0w231w09091h18371h1h1i1h1h1h1g0w1j0a1g181k181h1g371h181m180w3l011h1g0w2o03181k1g18]

Spoiler: show
Simple: Run through the electrons. Who cares if you get hit? You have 2 purple powerups at the other side. Hit the button, come back, use the other two, and get da star! :twisted: :twisted:

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Re: Player-Made Levels

Postby testtubegames » Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:47 pm

Pavva wrote:A version of my own "Zigzag" with less of a need to zig and zag:

Haha, that does certainly make that level easier!

In other news I went back to try the original... wow is that hard. I think I much prefer your version.

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