National Chemistry Week Contest!

A game made with the scientists at the CaSTL research center
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Re: National Chemistry Week Contest!

Postby testtubegames » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:13 pm

After deliberation and lots of nearly-smashing-the-keyboard moments... CaSTL and I picked six levels to win the Bond Builder Contest.

Check them out here.

I'll note again - all the levels were really neat, and it's a huge pleasure for me to be surprised by my own game... something that each of the levels did. And of course, *all* the levels are being posted in the user-made menu of the game, where there is plenty of room for more!

Random, on the topic of rating the level difficulty by Skill vs. Puzzle: I like that idea a lot. There are such different types of levels out there (Electronmaku, for instance, that is supremely hard, but not too intellectual... and on the other side something like A-Maze-Ing, which is a slow, thoughtful level.) Of course, this is all crazy subjective anyway, but I think I'll give that a go... and see if I can organize the levels a bit more sane-ly that way.

For the moment, I've left the 1-5 star ranking, and will put newer levels towards the front. But as we've all found out, the difficulty ratings shouldn't be taken too seriously. (I'm looking at you, everyone-who-beat-prison-break-easily!)

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