"I'm stuck on Level..."

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Tam Trible
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Re: "I'm stuck on Level..."

Postby Tam Trible » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:46 am

I have tried level 35 probably upwards of 50 times. Unless there's some trick I'm missing, the problem I'm having is not a conceptual one, it's just that I suck rusty boulders at getting the timing right, and this isn't one where you can try it 20 times, and manage to win by successfully faking it once. This is one where you need precise timing for the *entire* thing.

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Half the time, I don't even get *close* to the fire block. When I do, half the time I'm killed either as I try to get it or just after I get it, and the other half I don't get back to the block in time for my fire powers to still work--I generally get away long/fast enough to have the ice block appear while I still have my powers, but they run out just before I manage to merge back into the stream to use my fire.

Is there any way to *skip* the level? This one is so frustrating to me because it's not a *conceptual* problem stopping me from winning, it's my inability to push the buttons with the right timing. I'd like to see how this ends, but all I'm getting at this point is lots of practice literally swearing at my computer and crying. :(

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Re: "I'm stuck on Level..."

Postby testtubegames » Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:54 pm

Tam Trible wrote:I have tried level 35 probably upwards of 50 times.... Is there any way to *skip* the level?

Ah, sorry it's gotten so frustrating! For those of you truly stuck on a level:

Break in case of Emergency (cheat code)
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Go to the level menu, and type 'niets'... which is 'stein' (as in einstein) backwards. That'll unlock all the levels.

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