Version 0.1 (Unity!)

An upcoming game about Electricity, Magnetism, and Cephalopods
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Version 0.1 (Unity!)

Postby testtubegames » Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:06 pm

Wait, what? Weren't we at version .9x?

Yes. But that was a long time ago, and I can do what I want -- so I present:

~~The Electric Shocktopus (0.1)~~

This is most certainly a beta of the game (hence the version number < 1), but it's got most of the basics in place. I've ported the original game over to Unity, which required more of a rebuild than I expected. But at the end of the day, we'll have a better, more powerful game, and one that will be easier to update as we go into the future.

Want to give it a play? You can download it for Mac or PC -- just shoot me a pm and I can tell you the secret spot to find the game.

What it has:
-All 44 'whatever-an-octopus-has-instead-of-a-spine'-tingling-levels!
-A working level-editor
-Shareable codes to swap levels with one another
-A *bigger* screen, in fact there are three different pixel-perfect resolutions you can play the game at.

What it still needs:
-Boss fight (lvl 45)
-Intro animation and between-level science lessons
-Sound effects and music
-The little easter eggs aren't fully rebuilt yet

What I'd like to add on top of that:
-More levels... cause hey, I can.
-Punch up the graphics and the polish of the game

So yeah, the game is at a pretty good place -- much of what I still need to add in is outside the core gameplay. I will note (since I'm sure many of you will rush to the level editor), the codes have changed. That means old codes won't work in the new game. There are a couple reasons for this, but the primary one is that the old Flash version could compress strings using a proprietary algorithm... which Unity can't use. So I now have an open-source solution that will work everywhere -- and for the record makes the strings much shorter.

Down the road I'll build a conversion kit, so we could convert all the old codes into new codes. So don't worry, all the cool stuff people made last year won't be lost.

I did set the release date for the Electric Shocktopus for January 25th (thank you all for keeping me honest... since I knew I had eyes watching me). My plan right now is to make that a beta release.

1) Beta Release (Jan 25th) - a working if unpolished version of the game out on Humble.
2) Full Release (Not long after) - once we've gotten a chance to clean it up nice & pretty
3) Flash Release (...) - Releasing the first 15 levels of the game out into the wild as a cross between a demo & a short-form game.

And then continual updates thereafter as we see fit.


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