FBF Episode 1 - Crate Path

An upcoming game about Electricity, Magnetism, and Cephalopods
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FBF Episode 1 - Crate Path

Postby testtubegames » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:19 am

I'm trying a little experiment with the levels you're making for The Electric Shocktopus. Recording a video of my attempts to beat the level and posting it to YouTube!

First up, Crate Path by A Random Player:

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[The Electric Shocktopus-"Crate Path"-eNqr1iEJGFnqkA6MDfBLGxGpBggMdYwpQ4YQU6CGGZpRhuCGGZqDjTMlHxmbQEyC+BRhHoalJDkO3TRKELpnzch2HNgwUFKCGQdkU8d9Iyb0qJbuRkNu+IacKaz0NNYxNgWRhjpmREN4GUkJrK5WKlHSiY4FomqlNBCrFgAW9DaD]

Check out the video and see me die a whole bunch of times! (A big thanks to ARP for this first level. Challenging (quite), but not impossible, and fun, at that!)

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