About that Juggling challenge

An upcoming game about Electricity, Magnetism, and Cephalopods
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About that Juggling challenge

Postby A Random Player » Mon May 25, 2015 7:56 pm

(this one)
So you know how that had the strong force been 2% stronger, helium-2 would have been a lot more stable? Yeah, physical laws are annoying sometimes.

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[The Electric Shocktopus-"Jumping Over"-eNqr1hn+wNhwcLvPxBjhVBMcagwpgEBjDXRGAV5AQfhWVyuVKOlExwJRtVKaEpgqBlLGRsY6ZqZA4dHQJRz8hqa0twEUQ7UA2JLfxA==]

Now you've probably noticed that if you jump over a heat-seeking missile, it'll curve around and hit the next one that comes out. This is because the period of the circles the missiles make is very close to the guns' period - see the above example. It's definitely too late to change this, since it'll affect too many levels, but it makes this setup juggling 12 missiles fail oh-so-subtly:

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[The Electric Shocktopus-"Winter Tornado"-eNrtk1EKwjAMhq8y8hzEtF3qbuABBBHZi6BsICjUt+LdrRXRqaWdzoni34zSv9+Skm4Wg1ISE5RGIUq6REzE8VIBJkRIFWdIxxO1ZoKHTsl018IPKvWiXxerxOons93BHtHXeW726flhe7wc4Ud43T3163p7Ry3sAOelCwsr8JNxkxQauSjPO0dLsEDmhkXSWaOmVbgXdcPSwxw5d+vu2kKUd/IklIk5f+pbqR4+oH5E/nezUAEySYRJVZvMxXZjTL1YLwfZdDzzgjRqfwBnTMLU]

The screen's too big to make a gif, so this is how to juggle. When you fall onto the last sand block, jump and hold charge (and keep holding it). When you're on the top edge, hold left until you reach the field, then release. When you're on the bottom, hold right until the field. This should let you follow the electric field at a very high speed.
My idea when making this was that you'd need to essentially make a very large circle, around which missiles would chase. This circle would have to be exactly the period of the missiles' circle, and the gun-cycle fits closely. Initially I wanted a magnetic field with exactly the right strength to make TES circle, but couldn't get a large enough circle nor stop it from making a cycloid instead due to gravity. (maybe a careful electric field might work?)
Additionally, gun-switch mechanisms such as the one in Winter Wind would have too large of a period, so I remembered that missiles travel *about* 8 blocks per gun period, and made a "tornado" 16 times as fast as the wind (switch every 2 blocks).

(I was torn between posting in the FBF thread or starting a new one, but wanted to avoid the discussions from meshing together. If you think it should stay in one thread, feel free to move it.)
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