How to produce other inverse laws in parallel universes

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How to produce other inverse laws in parallel universes

Postby AlternateGravity » Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:31 am

I was just thinking about which gravitational laws a parallel universe could have. I know that having another inverse law with a whole number for the exponent could be produced by a parallel universe having a different number of dimensions. For instance if a universe had two spatial dimensions then the inverse law would be 1/r instead of 1/r^2. It would also be possible for a parallel universe to have an exponential decay law if in that universe the graviton was massive as forces with massive gauge bosons have limited range that follows exponential decay laws. If a universe has more than one dimension then gravity will drop off according to an exponential decay law multiplied by an inverse law.

I was wondering what would produce more exotic laws such as trigonometric laws, reciprocal laws, logarithmic laws, inverse laws with fractional exponents, factorial laws, or laws involving r^r? I mean what characteristics would a parallel universe need to have to have one of these inverse laws?
Gravitons would be my favorite particle as their existence could prove extra dimensions.

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Re: How to produce other inverse laws in parallel universes

Postby 19683 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:06 pm

Hmm. Fractals can have irrational numbers of dimensions, so if fractal space is possible, then all laws like r^(-x) would work.
General relativity only really works in 3 spatial dimensions though.
Binomial Theorem: ((a+b)^n)= sum k=0->k=n((n!(a^(n-k))(b^k))/(k!(n-k)!))

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