The Atomic Circle Solar System

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Vladimir Steve
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The Atomic Circle Solar System

Postby Vladimir Steve » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:57 am

[ForceG: -1.9,Qual: 2,Zoom: 1.41,xSet: -47.6,ySet: -32.2], [x0: 60.5,y0: 32.28,vx: 0,vy: 0,t0: 0,who: 1,m: 1000], [x0: 90.82,y0: 61.96,vx: 3.93,vy: -2.58,t0: 261,who: 3,m: 0], [x0: 120.18,y0: 104.71,vx: 2.48,vy: -1.7,t0: 519.3,who: 3,m: 0], [x0: 159.84,y0: 143.72,vx: 1.85,vy: -1.25,t0: 838.8,who: 3,m: 0], [x0: 233.71,y0: 141.08,vx: 0.38,vy: -0.93,t0: 1797.3,who: 3,m: 0]
It's an interesting solar system.You may see a big circle with many many little circles.Just have a try!

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Re: The Atomic Circle Solar System

Postby testtubegames » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:45 pm

Love it! Thanks for sharing that -- I made a gif, and will be posting it (with credit of course :) ) as a GSim Image of the Day on Twitter.

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121_AtomicForums.gif (238.13 KiB) Viewed 7546 times

Edit... forgot about it until t=100,000...
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