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There are fun science games out there. Right?
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Postby exfret » Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:33 pm


exfret appearifies out of thin air!

Also see:

To get to spatial view, select "params." Go to the "Population" tab at the top. For "Population updates" select something other than the last two options (they don't support spatial dynamics). I personally like synchronous because it seems to be the least random option. Then go to the "Structure" tab and for "Population structure" select one of the lattice options (e.g.- "N: square lattice").

To make the game fair (ie- equal for rock, paper, and scissors), you can go to the "Game" tab at the top and replace the positive and negative numbers with 1 and -1 respectively. To reduce nonsensical strategy-switches (i.e.- a rock switching to a scissors when there is no paper), you can go to the "Player" tab at the top and choose an option like "B: best-reply" or "I: imitate/replicate (better only)". Each of the options behaves a bit differently, so you can play around, but beware that it's a bit buggy and might freeze or need the page to be refreshed. It's really cool, though, so you should still give it a try.


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Re: The List

Postby testtubegames » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:33 am

Ooh, the rock-paper-scissors variant is really trippy. I've been watching all the swirls... ALL THE SWIRLS...

Popped in to add this to the list: Black Hole Hunter

It's a really nice, compact game having to do with gravitational waves (topical, eh?) You try to listen for the distinctive 'chirps' of black hole mergers in a whole bunch of static. (Yes, I wound up with my ear next to speakers blaring static. Not exactly the most pleasant of experiences... but I found the black holes, dammit!)

Love the look of it, too, which doesn't hurt.

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