--A New Version?!?--

Yup, this is the brand-spanking new version of the Simulator

Based on feedback I've gotten, I've change the sim to be faster, better, meaner, and stronger. It is currently under work, still, so expect changes.

What's up with this Unity Plug-in thing?

It's like flash, only different. Just go get it, it takes two minutes. And then you'll be able to play with this, and with some of my other stuff, too!

Gravity Simulator

This gravity simulation is a sandbox on a grand scale. Put planets, stars, and asteroids in place, give them an initial push, and see where they go. Observe the conic sections that emerge from the simple rules of gravitational attraction.

But gravity has more secrets in mind than even Newton knew. With a single star, the motions are easily predictable, yes. But add another star or planet into the equation, and things become chaotic. Remarkable patterns can appear in a seemingly random way.

Why stop there? Go ahead and simulate what we might observe if gravity deviates from a 1/r^2 law. Change the law just a little, and try to recreate the strange and famous behavior of Mercury.

Throughout it all, though, there will be beautiful and captivating pictures. So go make some worlds, and make some art.

Like it? Want more?

If you like it and want even more speed and features, go check out the downloadable version of the sim. Easy to get on a bunch of platforms.


March 2014: Released!

April 22 2014: Updated with new menus and options

May 19 2014: Dust added, more orbit line options added