BostonFIG 2012

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Saturday was the big day: the Boston Festival of Independent Games.

First off, a big thank you to everyone who pulled this festival together. This was its first year, and I can’t imagine all the work that went in to making it a success. The festival was designed to highlight independent games being made in the Boston area, giving me a great opportunity to show off my game. As a small (one-person) studio just starting off, I really appreciate the chance to be showcased alongside other, more established studios.

Booth at Boston FIG

Physics books put to good use

So how’d the day go? With 1600 people in attendance, and hundreds that stopped by to play my game over the course of the 8-hour day… let’s just say plenty of people discovered the Higgs boson! Some of my favorite memories of the day:

  • Seeing people compete alongside each other, racing to see who could complete the levels fastest
  • The completionists diligently getting perfect on the levels
  • The 6-year-old who zipped through my game… and while playing briefly leaned over and finished a level for a confused 20-something, then went right back to playing. Ha!
  • The parents and teens who worked together on the game, I saw some hilarious interactions (“No, do that!”)
  • The drunk rugby player who played my game the longest of anyone
  • The person (who I swear I didn’t know!) who already owned my game!
  • The physics-lovers whose eyes lit up when they saw the game
  • One guy who told me he’s been wanting to make a game about Feynman diagrams. (A guy after my own heart! Geekily enough, I have had the same thought… here’s hoping he goes ahead and makes the game. I can’t wait to play it!)

So all-in-all a great day. It has really inspired me to keep up the work, and it was nice to meet all sorts of game and science lovers. Thank you to everyone who came! If you couldn’t make it, check out some nice pictures of the day here.



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The Festival of Indie Games

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Boston FIG Logo

Agent FIG

You live in Boston, you say? Well, then, have I got some news for you!

Agent Higgs has been accepted into the upcoming Boston Festival of Indie Games.

For those of you who don’t know, Boston is a pretty rad place to be an indie game developer. There is a wonderfully rich community, and events seem to be happening all the time. This festival (Boston FIG, as it is known) is a new addition, and it’s but ten days away! (Saturday, September 22, for those of you counting at home.)

What’ll be happening there? Play a bunch of fun games, and meet the people who made them. But most importantly? I’ll be there! With Agent Higgs in tow. Come chat, play the lastest version of the game, and make it look like I’m popular.

And, to boot, it’s free. You can’t miss! To learn more and register, go check out Boston FIG. Or see a YouTube video about circuit diagrams (and also the festival) here.



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