Velocity Raptor Level Editor

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It’s been a few weeks of radio-silence over here, primarily due to me being out-of-town, and away from the Internet.  But I’m back home, and have a new update that was hopefully worth the wait…

Velocity Raptor has a fresh update, with a brand-spanking new level editor.


Build it and they will play

Build it and they will play


Start with a blank slate. Then add walls, water, trap doors, fire/snow/doppler blocks, etc.  Whatever your heart desires.  Then go ahead and play your level.  And when you’re all done, you can share it using the level’s code.  Send it to a friend, post it as a challenge on Facebook, email it to me to show me what a good level designer you are, or post it in the forum for the world to see.


Where c = 1

Where c = 1… due to a shortage of pixels


If enough new levels get created, I can add in a system (just like with Agent Higgs) where we can all share levels with each other.  Have fun creatin’!


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