Bond Breaker Released!

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Not much more to say than that.  Go play it online, or get it on your iPhone or Android.  It’s free, free, free!



Feedback welcome, via email, hi-fives, or posts in the forums.



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Break some Bonds Tomorrow!

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In anticipation of Bond Breaker coming out tomorrow (August 28th), here are a bunch of ‘Teasers.’  By my understanding, teasers are awkwardly cropped GIFs of random moments of gameplay.  Enjoy!


Nope Nope Nope                  Ready for my Closeup                


Don't mind me                  Don't give him the stick                 Disco party time


Fire                                   SCIENCE


Read more about the project here.


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Bond Breaker Trailer

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I made a little video to show off my upcoming game, Bond Breaker, for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to play around with it yet.



Does that just show up as a black box for you?  Well, you’ll find the original here.



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Bond Breaker Release Date!

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News time!  The following is a press release about my upcoming game Bond Breaker.  Spoiler: It is coming out August 28th!




TestTubeGames and the CaSTL Center are happy to announce a release date for Bond Breaker, a puzzle game based on real nano-scale science — coming to web and mobile on August 28th.

At the Center for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit (CaSTL) at UC Irvine, scientists are able to break apart individual molecules in incredible ways. In fact, their research is so mind-blowing, they wanted the world to see it. Their first plan: let everyone rush into the lab, with their grubby little fingers, and proceed to break all of their multimillion dollar equipment. After talking with their insurance agent, they reconsidered, and decided to make a game.

Thus Bond Breaker was born! Now the game is nearly complete, and will be coming to iPhone, Android, and the web on August 28th.  In this science puzzle game, you get to enter CaSTL’s laboratories in the smallest way possible – as a single proton. You don’t even have an atom to call your own.  Learn what it takes to be a proton, experience subatomic forces, and with luck and determination, grow into an atom. Collide atoms together into molecules, or break them apart again using lasers, tunneling microscopes, and heat.

The game is being developed by TestTubeGames, a studio that doesn’t take science lightly.  When you make molecular bonds (or break them apart), you’ll encounter real forces and real physics.  You won’t just be learning how to beat challenging puzzles, you’ll truly be gaining a new understanding of the atomic world.  This isn’t just simple stuff, either!  While the game assumes no prior knowledge, by the end, you’ll have an understanding of:

•    Atomic Energy Levels
•    Light Absorption with Lasers
•    Muons, and their crazy effect on atoms
•    Morse Potentials
•    Up-to-date research, straight from the labs and into your hands

You can find the Bond Breaker press kit, with more information and screenshots here:

Stay tuned for more developments, or get in touch with with any questions or to request an advanced copy.

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The Bonds that Break Us

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Bond Breaker is coming soon to a device near you!  It’ll be the first new release by TestTubeGames since the Ultimate Pulsar Simulator, so hold on to your butts.

This is a game that I’ve been working on with the CaSTL research group at UC Irvine — which stands for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit, so you know it’ll be good.  And to boot, the game is packed with Real Physics*.  They do research with lasers and tunneling microscopes, grabbing single molecules, and breaking apart and breaking single bonds.  So like doing Chemistry… but instead of using a beaker, you grab an individual molecule and bend it to your will.

The game itself is based on the forces you’d experience at the atomic scale.  It’s a puzzle game where you, as a proton, are moving around the nano-world.  Atoms drift into one another, and if they get close enough, they’ll form molecules.  You can excite the electrons, create ions, fuse into helium, fire lasers, and more.


Ever been a proton before? Oh, you've been *many* protons, you say?

Ever been a proton before? Oh, you’ve been *many* protons, you say?


There’s a whole bunch of physics going on, as you can tell from the list of levels:


Muons *and* Van der Waals forces? Nonstop excitement, right there.

Muons *and* Van der Waals forces? Nonstop excitement, right there.


The game itself will be coming out on web/iOS/Android for absolutely free, and soon, at that.  We’ve got it slated for release in late August, though stay tuned for the details.  Wanna know more?  Join the conversation (or even help by playtesting the game) here.


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