Andy vs. 756C

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NealCruco helps us mark the triumphant return of Feel Bad Friday this week (after a wee paternity-leave hiatus) with a swell level: 756C.




It’s a level filled with spike jumping, missiles raining down on you, and some pretty precise magnetic moments.  Did I succeed?  Or does having a brand new baby make me weak? You’ll have to watch to find out!

If you’d like to play the level yourself, you can see NealCruco’s original post here.

A big thanks to NealCruco for sharing the level.  I’d say you successfully broke through your designers-block.  A solid level that was (a) all possible, (b) hard when put together, and (c)… oh boy, that moment when you flip that switch.  Feels so great to unleash all those missiles!



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My Newest Little Playtester

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So the reason for this not-so-brief pause in the blog/Feel-Bad-Fridaying/game development… is that I’ve gone and made a new playtester from *scratch*!  (My wife helped, too.)

My son Max arrived on May 20, and is cute as can be, as evidenced by these pictures:





Believe me… I had to hold back to just show those two.  I’ve got probably about a thousand pictures, and the kid is just a month old.  And it’s been a great month — filled with sleeping babies, eating babies, pooping babies, and wide-eyed-with-wonder babies.  I’m so glad to have been able to take some time off to spend with the little guy.

I’m going to be ramping back up with TTG now, assuming Max continues to let me sleep at night.  Thank you all for your patience and support.


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