Through the Path

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Happy Thanksgiving!  In this week’s Feel Bad Friday, I celebrate by taking on an extremely Feel-Bad level!  I present Through the Path by A Random Player.



I have no words.  They are all contained in the video.  It’s… I… my mind is melted.

Thank you for sharing, Random!  And to everyone else, remember you can grab the game here to try this level yourself, or make some levels right in your browser with the new prototype.  (And don’t worry… I enjoy easier levels, too!)


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Grid World

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Ever wondered what I’m working on any given day?  Track what I’m up to in the new Calendar.  TestTubeGames can be a bit of a black box, with a lot of different projects going on in parallel.  Sometimes you might not even know I’m working on an update until it’s out!  So for those of you who are interested, feel free to check it out.

Speaking of, lately I’ve been working on The Electric Shocktopus, and making (a lite version of) the game work in the browser — play the prototype here.  That led to some updates for the full game, so keep your eyes peeled for version 0.8 for Mac/PC.


You can see me using this latest version as I take on this week’s Feel Bad Friday: Grid World by A Random Player. Click on the grid-y world below to watch me try to beat it.



Another really inventive level.  I’m constantly amazed at the fun (if difficult!) challenges that you all are making.  Thanks to A Random Player for sharing!  And if you’ve been meaning to make a level, and challenge me to play it, the web build of TES gives you this very chance!


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