7-Segment (Feel Bad Friday)

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We’re back this week with a player-made level in The Electric Shocktopus.  In fact, A Random Player-made level called 7-Segment.

In it, A Random Player somehow managed to not only build a computer (that can operate a digital display)… but also make it so you need to hack the computer to beat the level.

Confused?  Then give this a watch:



Still confused?  Great, me too.  Wow.  I have no more words right now, I’m just stunned.  Incredible.  Definitely worth a watch.

And worth a play, as well – to grab the code yourself, head here.


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Speed – FBF

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This week, in honor of the release of Bond Breaker 2.0, I figured I’d give it a spin for Feel Bad Friday.

I took on Speed, a level by A Random Player, from way back in the day when we were running the Bond Breaker level making contest.  Ah, memories!  Well, I popped back into the level, and saw if I could beat it… and you can see the results below…



A big thanks to A Random Player for sharing this level with us!  If you’d like to grab the level code yourself, you can find it here.  Or if you just want to play around with Bond Breaker 2.0 (which, I’ll add, it totally and unequivocally free), you can do so here.


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Bond Breaker 2.0 Released!

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I’m excited to say that Bond Breaker 2.0 is out! It’s a major update to the game that we’ve been working on for a while, which adds more levels, more science, and a lot of improvements.



The game is a joint project between the Center for Chemistry at the Space Time Limit (CaSTL) at UC Irvine, and me.  In it, you go on a puzzle-filled journey through the world of atoms and molecules.  As you might expect – coming from me – the game is built on a physical simulation of the nano-scale world.



The new update adds in:

  • Now over 100 levels!
  • A basic level track, to explore the different mechanics
  • A challenge level track, to drill deep for more difficult puzzles
  • Oxygen atoms / molecules / water!
  • Polar molecules and microwaves
  • A new, quantized heat mechanic
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscopes that now move, and map out surfaces

As well as a myriad of small changes and fixes.  I hope you enjoy.  I know I’ve had a great time watching people play this updated version, especially all the kids at the iGamer festival last month.




You can play the game (as always, completely and utterly for free) on the Web, on your iPhone, or on your Android device.

If you *do* give it a play, drop me a line – by email or in the forums – and throw some feedback my way.  I’m always interested to hear what is working well in the game, and (more importantly) what isn’t.

And if you *still* aren’t convinced to go play the game, here’s a new trailer I built to show it off:



Happy breaking!


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