Why do astronauts float?

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I released a new project – which hits on one of my favorite little quirks of science… and science teaching.

With a son who’s *super* into space and astronauts, the topic of them floating comes up a lot.  In books, in videos, in conversations.  And I always find it fascinating to read the ways people talk about this.

Because the reason is actually pretty weird.

And hard to describe concisely.

And I’m always interested to see whether the latest kids book we’re leafing through will (a) avoid the issue of ‘why’, (b) get it totally wrong, or (c) spend a weirdly long time technically trying to explain it.

Anyway… on to the main point here.  Why *do* astronauts float in space?  And how would you explain it to someone?

Here’s how *I* would, at least:


Astronaut floating over earth

So pop on over and check out my explainer / toy: “Why do astronauts float?


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