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Sorry for the couple-week break from Feel Bad Friday.  There was some travel, as well as a couple illnesses that came up (so fear not, my Fridays felt bad indeed!).  But I’m back in town… healthy again… and ready to rock!

So I took on a whopper of a level: 8D2A by NealCruco.  It is tremendous!  … and tremendously hard.  Pushed me near if not past my breaking point.  But(!) Did I make it? Did I throw in the towel?  You’ll have to watch the video to find out!



To play this level yourself, you can grab the code that NealCruco posted in the forums.  A big thanks to NC for sharing this level with us.  I think it might be my favorite that you made.  The non-linearity helped keep me going in spite of (nearly) countless deaths.  And I felt like I was improving.  (Up until the point I started getting tired, but hey, that’s par for the course.)  Anyway, great level!  You should all check it, and the video, out.


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