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I’ve spent a bunch of time this past week working on ~~The Electric Shocktopus~~!  (Sorry, the punctuation… it’s obligatory!)

I did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff.  Getting rid of bugs, smoothing out the electromagnetic calculations, getting the movements in the game to ‘feel’ right.  But since you guys can’t actually *play* the game yet, that doesn’t mean too much to you.

So instead, I’m going to show off a couple new images from the game.  Feast your eyes on Level 4:


Shocktopus Screenshot

Now picture this… but interactive!


We’ve got platforms, and spikes, and electric charges (the red and blue circles), and the electric field in the background.  On the left side, shown in pink, is a magnetic field.  And of course, there are some missiles trained on our hero. How will he possibly make it through the level?!?


For added fun, compare this to the screenshots from a couple weeks ago, or even from the original prototype.  Whoa.  And the Shocktopus has a nemesis now, too.  The diabolical (and rage filled) Mag-Yeti:



The Mag-Yeti carries those signs around with him everywhere.


There are many reasons I wouldn’t want to get close to that guy.  Just think, he’d probably fry your cell phone!  How evil!



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