Feel Bad Friday - BB Edition!

A game made with the scientists at the CaSTL research center
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Feel Bad Friday - BB Edition!

Post by testtubegames » Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:19 pm

With Bond Breaker 2.0 coming out last week - I figured I'd use it for this week's Feel Bad Friday (what does that mean anymore... it's Tuesday... two weeks after the last video?!)

So I took on Speed, by A Random Player. (An oldie, but a goodie!)

speed_border_small.png (276.69 KiB) Viewed 33381 times
You can watch the video here. Or see Random's original post here.
Or grab this (updated) code:

Code: Select all

[Bond Breaker: 0q3j3g3535341q1q1q1h181k182t181h1i18391k1g1g1g1j1g1a1g1g0w060f1i1g161o1o1h1j1j1j1a1j1g1j1j161j0w06001g1w0h011g1g0w0s031g1j1g1g1w062w0h011a1j2w150w0601161j2w0h09391g1g1g1g1a1g1j1g1g1w062w130w32013t180w32051h1g1m1g1g1m6w02020a1h181i1g181g2u1h2u1g1h6w0002061h1h391o1g3t1o6w0102041h181l1l18]
Thanks to A Random Player for sharing this level (oh, so long ago!) As you can tell - I had quite a bit of fun with it!

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