A game made with the scientists at the CaSTL research center
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Post by Daniel » Thu Jan 27, 2022 11:04 pm

Just a neat little thing I did.

Also, hi I'm new here!

http://www.testtubegames.com/bondbreake ... 1h181h1n18


Bond Breaker: 0o26393o35340w3i3f3k313k393f3e1q1r3j3k353g0w3f3e350w3w09023k3n3f4w0803383i35353w0a09363f3l3i1c0w273f0w3k0w020a38350w383p343i3f37353e1w0f0n313k3k3i31333k0w393k1c0w39360w3p3f3l0w373f0w393e0w1a0f3f3k38353i0w383f3c353j0w3e3f3n0w6w041q073n393c3c3c0w3g3f0w19000w0w1b0w1n0v1e1q1q1g181h1o18654r37381g181h1l18654865481h1h1h161h161h1h1h1g18091o181h1h1g1g161g1g1h0w0c0b1k182u1g1g1g1h1g1g1g161g1w070w0g0265481g3w0d00160w0h01161g1w1f0c1g634h654t161g1p1g1h1g181m1w0w01161g1w0q1w032w0u1w082w1t6w042r1w0c6w003l071k1g181h181h1n18

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Re: Level

Post by testtubegames » Tue Feb 15, 2022 1:21 pm

Oh, that's a super neat look at dipoles -- I love it! The explanations are also super well done.

Thanks for sharing that!

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