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Series of Videos

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:54 pm
by exfret
What about your videos? Are you going to make any more? Will you advance through the whole story?


Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:53 pm
by exfret
Here's a level consisting completely of garages:

Code: Select all

[Garrrrages, [o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o;g2-0.01-0-0.6,g2-0.01-2-0.3,g2-0.01-4-0.3,g2-0.01-6-0.3,g2-0.01-8-0.3,g2-0.01-10-0.3,g2-0.01-12-0.3,g2-0.01-13-1.1,g2-0.01-11-1.1,g2-0.01-9-1.1,g2-0.01-7-1.1,g2-0.01-5-1.1,g2-0.01-3-1.1,g1-0.01-1.8-1,g2-0.01-2-1.9,g2-0.01-4-1.9,g2-0.01-6-1.9,g2-0.01-8-1.9,g2-0.01-10-1.9,g2-0.01-12-1.9,g2-0.01-13-2.7,g2-0.01-11-2.7,g2-0.01-9-2.7,g2-0.01-7-2.7,g2-0.01-5-2.7,g2-0.01-3-2.7,g2-0.01-3-3.5,g2-0.01-5-3.5,g2-0.01-7-3.5,g2-0.01-9-3.5,g2-0.01-11-3.5,g2-0.01-13-4.3,g2-0.01-11-4.3,g2-0.01-9-4.3,g2-0.01-7-4.3,g2-0.01-5-4.3,g2-0.01-3-4.3,g2-0.01-1-4.3,g2-0.01-1-3.5,g2-0.01-0-3.5,g2-0.01-0-5.1,g2-0.01-2-5.1,g2-0.01-4-5.1,g2-0.01-6-5.1,g2-0.01-8-5.1,g2-0.01-10-5.1,g2-0.01-12-5.1,g2-0.01-13-5.9,g2-0.01-11-5.9,g2-0.01-9-5.9,g2-0.01-7-5.9,g2-0.01-5-5.9,g2-0.01-3-5.9,g2-0.01-1-5.9,g2-0.01-0-6.7,g2-0.01-2-6.7,g2-0.01-4-6.7,g2-0.01-6-6.7,g2-0.01-8-6.7,g2-0.01-10-6.7,g2-0.01-12-6.7,g2-0.01-13-7.5,g2-0.01-11-7.5,g2-0.01-9-7.5,g2-0.01-7-7.5,g2-0.01-5-7.5,g2-0.01-3-7.5,g2-0.01-1-7.5,g2-0.01-1-8.3,g2-0.01-3-8.3,g2-0.01-5-8.3,g2-0.01-7-8.3,g2-0.01-9-8.3,g2-0.01-11-8.3,g2-0.01-13-8.3,g2-0.01-12-3.5,g1-0.01-0-7;]]
Try to beat it if you can. I did.

Re: Series of Videos

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:34 pm
by testtubegames
exfret wrote:What about your videos? Are you going to make any more? Will you advance through the whole story?
Yup, I'm planning on it. Things have been crazy - (there was a deadline for an NSF competition yesterday, I've been feverishly working on the Electric Shocktopus). I think I'll put up the next installment within the next week. Will be a nice reprieve from TES!

Re: Series of Levels

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:21 am
by testtubegames
I finally wrote the blog post for my latest attempt -- I made it past the infrared springs! Whew.

And then, since I'm so bold, I figured I just *had* to go *through* the volcano. I mean, come on! I was surprised how neat the level with all the fire blocks turned out to be. Got stuck on the one after that -- since I think I'll really need to plan ahead there.

Very challenging all around -- and a fun distraction from building my own stuff.

It's interesting to look at these levels with an eye on Level Design. (Something we're all working on). Some of these levels have very neat tricks to them. Like in infrared springs -- you've gotta hit the snow blocks without sailing off the edge. Or the fire blocks I just mentioned, where you find out you really have to make a strategy to get through.

One suggestion, though, would be to shorten those levels a bit. I know we'd talked about this with Infrared Springs, but the same is true for the fire blocks levels. I really like having to think of the strategy, and doing trial and error there. But once I figure out what I need to do, I want to be able to do it right and finish the level pretty quickly. Because 'figuring it out' is the fun part -- executing it perfectly can be a bit dreary if you have to repeat it too many times or if it takes too long.

I suppose that's a suggestion that I'd pass along. Since I think in some of these, the really cool level design gets lost in the sheer length of the levels.

And, as always, I'm looking forward to playing through the next session. I'm totally gonna make it to the See-All Seal.

Level design

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:36 pm
by exfret
I really agree with you on the shortening those levels. I've gotta keep that in mind for the future. My levels really took you a while on Through the Volcano, and I think this is the reason why.

Video Series

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:41 pm
by exfret
Hey Andy, are you recording my levels any more? Eh, it doesn't matter any more since some guy on youtube is recording them for you: :roll:

The Cave:

The Map:

I found it more enjoyable for me on 2x speed, but that's probably because I already know what's going to happen.

Re: Series of Levels

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:13 pm
by exfret
Under and Over (I am totally not looking forward to through):

Under: ...


Re: Series of Levels

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:54 pm
by exfret
No replies. I know why.... They're all trying to hinder me from dominating the fora! :evil: