school time, timed level

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school time, timed level

Post by soham343 » Sun Sep 24, 2023 2:00 am

[The Electric Shocktopus-"school time"-eNrFVMGOgjAQvfsVkznPpWAX9luMB8Tu1mxjI9YY0+y/bwtxg8XWYkzsvBLCvPdmCFMsvXWVPJJgQXws3YWo+Ewwk+uO8saFR9H3WTyiR98iUdMrx3vMnvTLYkWmhnms8Z4hyaDSPL+Mr/dKCqsmGI0Qo8cez/RRLol4EDdl0+Hmvw7iP2nDUa9DxE9FfR8z6QlRWhIV5sgi4nxpD4sGabV2sPjl7p74ixU8nV2TRYlU8ZLwok/QdAJUYwQYDcdWaq0Wi29hwEjhMofTrv0B3YGnnndKwV4b2AhoNqqXiL0RHQ6ejFeEUlwIrsae7M2HJ0fZOINe4e1hq3WHv3//6iod]

description - This level is a timed level where you are late to school can need to reach in time.
the stars are nearly impossible to get in time.

Extra challenge -
get all stars and complete the level

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Re: school time, timed level

Post by testtubegames » Tue Sep 26, 2023 11:06 am

I love it! It's rare that a level comes with a story.

I managed to get it with 1 star... those other two stars seem impossible to get? (One of them I could see doing if I had more time, the other I'm not even sure...)

Thanks for sharing!

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