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Win 7 Bugs

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:43 pm
by testtubegames
A quote from Rőmer Péter in the comments section here
The downloadable version has some major bugs here at me. :(
However the functionality is great, looks fantastic, it would be good to play with.

Win7 sp2.

Bugs found:

-When loading a saved poject, smoetimes star is missing, only massless satellites start moving on straight lines. So not just star's image is missing.

-During the simulation after a short time elapsed (10-20k units), I cannot add more planets or anything else. They appear but when mouse click is over nothing happens. When it happens I cant's zoom or move the srceen anymore.

-Works only in fullscreen, in window mode all buttons, menus are positioned wrongly, cannot reach them, out of screen or something.

The "missing star", and "adding more bodies" problems can be solved by restarting, but occurs soon again.

Does anyone experienced similar problems?
Sometimes when changing to fullscreen it crashes. Error log comes to the folder.

Tips for future features: :)

It would be cool to have on "stats" palette the planet's/moon's current distance form its primary, and the actual orbital period, or time elapsed since the last perihelion when on a closed ellipse path.

The current distance thing is of course is not obvious when having more non-massless bodies or the satellite orbits in a double or more complex system.
But what if I can choose for every celestial body a pair, that I call its primary, and their distence is calculated? Or always the distance of the largest mass is shown... or something... :)

It's a great stuff anyway, I like it!
I'm still looking for a Windows 7 device to test these issues on -- I imagine at least some of them might be OS-specific. I'd love to see an error log, if you wouldn't mind. Might give me a clue. You can find it here: GSim_Data\output_log.txt (more info). Just load up the sim, play until you get (ideally) all these errors, and then copy and send the output_log to me (email or PM me in the forum).

-When loading a saved project, you said a star is sometimes missing. Yikes! Definitely sounds like you've found a bug.
-I haven't the foggiest what would happen after 10-20k units of time. Maybe the error log will give me a clue
-Same with the buttons getting all wonky with the windowed version. The error log *might* be able to tell me what's up, but I think I'll probably need to get my hands on a Win7 device

As for the tips for future features --
I love the idea for the new stats. You may have noticed that there's an 'ellipse' mode you can turn on for orbits, and to calculate that orbital path I'm basically finding the numbers you mentioned. The orbital period and distance to the 'primary' shouldn't be too hard to incorporate.

Thanks for passing the bug reports along to me! I'll see what I can do to get them fixed, and in the meantime if you could send along the error log , that would be great.